makoto kisses a fish thinking it would change haru back to human„„, can u believe they literally gave makoharu the “true loves kiss” trope„ MAKOTO IS HARU’S PRINCE im yelling

Song: 9.Freeな寝起きどっきり。 part 4
Artist: 七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),

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Track 9: Free Wake Up Ambush, part 4

Rin: Hah? Haru became a mackerel?
Nagisa: Yeah! What should we do, Rin-chan?
Rin: Are you pulling me leg?
Rei: Rin-san, it’s true! Don’t you want to help Haruka-senpai?!
Makoto: Rin, please!
Rin: Ohh… Sheesh… Here! If it was a mermaid princess, wouldn’t a prince’s kiss turn her into human?
Nagisa: Rin-chan, Haru-chan didn’t turn into a mermaid, he turned into a mackerel!
Rin: Shut up! I don’t know! I’m cutting the call! See you!
Nagisa: A prince’s kiss… Mako-chan.
Rei: Makoto-senpai.
Makoto: Eh!? Me?!
Rei: You can do it, Makoto-senpai!
Nagisa: At this rate, Haru-chan might die! There’s no water on the bed!
Makoto: Ah… I-I got it. This is for Haru’s sake!
[ sound of heart beating ]
[ door opens ]
Haruka: What are you doing?
Makoto: Eh!?
Nagisa: Uweh?! Haru-chan?
Rei: Haruka-senpai!
Makoto: Haru! Didn’t you turn into mackerel…?
Haruka: What are you talking about? I was making breakfast in the kitchen this entire time.
Makoto: Then, this mackerel is…?
Haruka: That’s a mackerel toy Coach Sasabe gave me. It’s quite well done, right? It has a clock too, so you can use it as an alarm clock.
Rei: A-Alarm clock…
Haruka: Once it goes off, it’ll jump out from the blankets. It wakes in an instant.
Nagisa: And here we thought Haru-chan loved mackerel so much he became a mackerel too…
Haruka: That can’t be possible. Hurry and go eat breakfast.
Nagisa, Rei & Makoto: Ehhh…

(note: translations are done from japanese -> chinese -> english, so there may be small differences)


ok but consider this

  • bi characters whose most defining trait isn’t flirting with everyone they meet
Song: The Strangest Things
Artist: Radical Face
Album: Ghost
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The ghost inside my head, it never sleeps
It just rearranges thoughts and leaves me numb for weeks
But I’m okay, yeah I feel fine
Because I know there’s more than one way to lose my mind
Lose my mind
Lose my mind
Lose my mind

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sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

It's just one little fight. Sousuke and I fight all the time.

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That feeling of getting left behind.


Day 1362/1363 - 16/17 September  2014

We can no longer return to those days.

Both the anime and manga are officially ending tomorrow, on the 18th _(:3c



kiss me hard before you go


So like, what the fuck does this mean? Yeah Haru wants to swim we all know that.

But he looks at one shiny pool in Australia and suddenly he wants to go pro? I really hope that I’m misunderstanding the implication here, because if that’s the case that is really shitty writing.

Someone who spent the whole series (and novels) saying they don’t care about times and competitions and winning suddenly wants to do the opposite of everything they ever said and believed in? Not to mention the pressure made him break down completely in the middle of his last race. But, hey that’s okay, we need a resolution for the end of the season, so he’ll just be a pro swimmer!!

What the actual fuck.